Tuesday, November 14, 2006

tower of sleeve

i haven't done as much knitting as i would like the past few days, especially on my red sweater! however, this morning i got some knit time in before work and got more than halfway up the second sleeve—yay!

this one is a little stripier than the other one, but i am not going to get crazy over that. however, i remeasured the first sleeve and found that now it's off the needles, it's actually a half-inch shorter than it should be . . . good thing i kept the ball of yarn connected—i can put it back on the needles and knit a few more rows. still hoping to get all the pieces together and start the yoke sometime soon.

in other news, we now have 55 members in this KAL—WOW! the next prize drawing is the 17th, when there will be 2 prizes!

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