Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sweater is finito

Btw, we call them jumpers in Australia. I don't know where that comes from, but it kind of makes me feel quite energetic when I think about it.

I am wearing my red jumper today cos I think with this one, the real story will come out when it has been washed and worn a few times.

The verdict:

1. I'm liking the length. I am a bit, um well, short and the shorter length through the torso seems to make it look like I actually do have legs.

2. The sleeves are purty. Maybe a bit too loose.

3. The point of the v needs a bit of consideration. Ignoring the gentle, wise nudges of my comrades in the comments, I just went ahead and picked up stitches around the neck, pretty much evenly. At first, I was horrified.

A bit of a gaping mouth sort of effect, don't you think? Icky.

I gave it a "breath of steam" and put it on and it sort of eased and settled a bit. I'm gonna wear it and think about it. Because it's a stitched down hem under there (not a cast off edge), it wouldn't be too hard to undo and decrease four picots down to two. I'll see how it wears.

Yarn is Jo Sharp DK cotton in Carmen. Pattern based on this, with a little bit of twitching around the edges. Now I can start on my tweed...


Chris said...

It looks VERY nice on you! Great job! A finished project! yay!

Jo said...

We call them jumpers too. Or ganseys, as in Guernseys. In really cold weather you put on 'gansey a h'aon' followed by 'gansey a dho', i.e. number one jumper and then number two jumper. But it's not often that cold here. Well done you on finishing. I'm still back at the beginning, after several frogging sessions.

Laura said...

That kind of sweater we call a pullover, the kind of sweater with buttons or a zipper in front is a cardigan. There's English, and then there's... Well whatever it is that we speak here in the States. LOL

Your sweater is wonderful, Jacqui!