Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On the Edge

I'm knitted down to the front flap of the red top-down raglan. I really should give this sweater a name. Oh well.

The garter stitch edging is flipping up a bit. I hope that it blocks flat and stays flat. I like the way the edging looks and will use this again in other projects. I can't wait to get the back flap done and try it on again. I really like the ability to try it on in a top-down design. Very cool. I'm now eyeing patterns and trying to figure out how to make them top-down in the round. Seaming? We don't need no stinkin' seaming!


Peg said...

Love that colour of red! A name for the sweater will come to you, but there are so many names for red in this season - cranberry, hollyberry, etc. and maybe one of those will lead to a name for the sweater. Happy knitting and naming.

Karen said...

I have exactly the same problem with the garter stitch at the bottom of a red sweater I was making for charity. The garter stitch is a denser fabric, row-gauge wise, and the place where the fabric changes to the less-dense stockinette makes a perfect fold line. I am skeptical that blocking will help keep it from flipping up. If you do find a solution, please post about it.

Jan said...

I agree with you on the top-down construction. Its the best. That is one reason I love Lopi sweaters. I have a garter stitch edged sweater that never lays flat no matter how much I block. I've just learned to live with it. Like Karen said, if you find a solution, let us know.

Susan said...

Well a rolling hem will not be a deal breaker on this sweater.

I will let you know how it behaves once it's blocked.