Thursday, November 09, 2006

Red Ribbed Cardi

I'm new to this KAL, but I've already started my red sweater. I decided this would be the perfect way to stay motivated and finish it!

I'm knitting in the round, using Elizabeth Zimmermann's basic raglan design. Instead of body shaping, I'm using ribs at the sides. As you can see I've already attached one sleeve. I'm sure there are knitters who would tell me to knit both sleeves first and then attach them to the body, but I'm always afraid I'll lose a sleeve if I don't attach it right away! I plan to cut the sweater open (using the steek stitches you can hopefully see in the front) and sew in a zipper. You can read more about this sweater at my blog

This is such a fun idea for a KAL. I love reading about everyone else's progress!


Laura said...

I love your sweater, Emily! Steeks. Shudder. I know. Lots of people have done them, for ages. But the thought of cutting my knitting makes me break out in a cold sweat. I'm more than happy for now to watch brave souls like you do it, and do it wonderfully! :-)

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment! We'll see how the steek idea turns out!