Monday, November 27, 2006

My red (green) gable sweater is done!

I finished knitting up my wonderful little shell a couple weeks ago when we were in Las Vegas. I wove in the ends the other day while I was sitting here listening to Earin's most recent pod cast, and I begged the use of my next door neighbor's steamer yesterday to do a light blocking. The result? I love it! I can't wait to wear it and pair it with the cardigan (still button-less) I knit from the same yarn, oh, years ago now.

I loved knitting with this yarn (Beregere de France's Magic... sorry, long discontinued). It's actually a 5-ply wool. I found that interesting. I've seen a lot of 2- and 4-ply yarns, but this is the only 5-ply that I have seen, in my somewhat limited experience with yarns.

I have another photo and the sweater stats for this project in my blog.

Lest you think that I'm done knitting red, I am not. I still have this yummy cashmere-wool blend yarn that I got ages and ages ago. But it'll have to wait until the new year. I have too much obligation knitting to do between now and Christmas to even begin to think of possibilities for this yarn. And I want to see how Jo does with her red cashmere. I do have to admit to a certain reluctance to peruse any of my Starmore books when looking for a pattern for this yarn, thinking that her misfortune with her project may be a Starmore/cashmere thing. I so don't want to get involved in that.


Chris said...

I would love to see a photo of the cardigan too - even if it is buttonless! When I looked at the photo you posted of the shell, I thought "that would look great with long sleeves"!

Jo said...

Gee thanks, Laura. I was just thinking about getting back in the ring again (with horsehoes in my boxing gloves this time) when I read your warning. Yet no matter how I audition other yarns, none of them speak to me like the cashmere. Maybe if I tried it just before the full moon...? You think?
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