Sunday, November 19, 2006

Look - actual progress!

Et voila:

Last time I posted I didn't add any pictures because all I had to show was about 2 inches of knitting with a spare needle stuck half way through to mark the line I had to rip back to.

Now I seem to have got to grips with the pattern (Aimee from Vintage Style - yes I'm another Vintage Style girl) and I've actually made some progress so I thought I'd show you all.

Unfortunately my photography isn't up to much so you can't really tell that it has nice waist shaping and it comes out as bright pink when in fac the colour is a deep raspberry red - maybe it's better on your computer!

This is also supposed to be my NaNoSweMo sweater and this is all I have done - hmmm - a tad overreaching I think to have this finished by November although now I can read the lace panels it is a little faster!

I hope everyone across the pond had a great holiday weekend and enjoy your red knitting


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