Saturday, November 04, 2006


at long last, a start to the red sweater that i'd hoped to have finished in time for xmas (this scenario is already looking unlikely, but it's good to have goals, right?). i've been seriously distracted by anne's casino shawl, which is also on a deadline for the civil partnership signing on the 17th (of this month - eek!). but a friday evening at home alone while my partner was out on a work do, plus a few hours of tv-based knitting (not good for a lace shawl!), and the sweater finally got its start.
since i'm a fickle knitter, i've completely scrapped the orginal plan to knit a simple crossover v-neck cardi; now i'm desigining a smock-shaped sweater with a horizontal cabled yoke. i'm not 100% sure how a yoked sweater works, but i'm sure i'll figure it out as i go... right?? (any tips?)

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Sara said...

No tips - but I do wish you the best...sounds like a great sweater.