Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Red Sweater Plans

I'm waiting on my yarn to arrive. Actually I am waiting on acknowledgement of my yarn order... I will be making a red Nordic yoked sweater using Elisabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears pattern. It will be my first foray into color knitting. The sweater will be Burned Red Lite Lopi with an Ash, Gray, Sheep Black, and Crimson colorwork yoke around the neck and shoulders.

I found this KAL at a perfect time. I wanted a red sweater so badly and that morning I was browsing blogs and found this. Just what I needed to get me motivated.


Laura said...

That sounds like it'll be a fabulous sweater, Susan!

Chris said...

Isn't that amazing? You can find EVERYTHING you need on the internet! Welcome and have fun! Post pictures often, because there are those of us who haven't even started yet and need to live through you! I will, SOON!