Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello everybody, and thanks for having me on board.

I'm a long-time knitter, but am fairly new to the world of knit blogging. This is my first knit along, and my first attempt at desinging a sweater. The inspiration for my red sweater was a recent eBay yarn purchase. I got a big box of vintage wool (and I do mean BIG!), and the nicest thing in it was 12 oz of Bear Brand Town and Country in bright red:

I've never come across this yarn before, but it's pretty soft, and quite nice to knit with. It's 2 ply, and approximately DK weight. I have been wanting to try designing my own sweaters for some time now, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. I picked a fairly simple eyelet lace pattern, and used the Knitware Sweaters program to do most of the calculations. So here's what I've accomplished so far on the back:

It's going to be a straight cardigan with a scoop neck, moss stitch bands, and 3/4 sleeves. Although I may have to switch to short sleeves if it looks like I'm going to run out of yarn. I'm sure there's no way to get any more of this yarn! I'm a little nervous about whether it's going to fit, but I'll guess I'll get a better idea of that as I go along. If I manage to get this finished amongst all of the Christmas gift knitting that I have under way, I might even start a second red sweater. There's another pile of red in my stash that I had ear-marked for a turtleneck.

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Chris said...

I really like what you have going on there!!! VERY pretty! Will there be some shaping at the waist, or will it be more boxy?

Kelly said...

Hi Chris. Thanks!

I'm going to keep it straight and boxy - I couldn't deal with organizing an 11-stitch pattern repeat and waist-shaping at the same time. Not on my first design project anyway! But I do like fitted waists so I'll have to experiment with that soon.