Thursday, November 23, 2006

Feather and Fanning Myself

A shrug for the perimenopausal woman who likes to flirt nearly as much as she likes to dance:

With a close-up of the buttons I went back to JoAnn's to buy, grand-opening madness notwithstanding:

Me, laughing, with bad hair from post-turkey napping on the kids' living room floor while BittyBit tried to figure out if I was really asleep, or just playing.

And a back view. I know, I know, all these weeks with only verbiage from me, and now comes the deluge.


Linda said...

Wow I love it :-)
The back is just awesome!

Laura said...

It's *fabulous* Lynn!

K said...

Looks like you are having a blast with it! Not much into shrugs, but this one is awfully cute!

Jo said...

Love it, Lynn! It is absolutely you, and you're wearing it with such sass and style!

Good on you!


msfortuknit said...

this is just great!