Wednesday, November 01, 2006

today is a RED LETTER DAY!

today is our first Red Letter Day, generously sponsored by Chris Roosian of Chris's red letter day is her birthday, so if you have a minute, stop at her site and give her a shout-out! or better yet, stop at her site and take a gander at her wonderfule yarns (there's plenty of red over there!)

anyway, let's get to the drawing. i printed all the names of the KAL participants out on the computer and cut them apart to enter them in the random name generator

then i stirred and stirred til i felt one that felt right

and the winner of the Briar Rose Yarn is . . .

get ready . . .

i know you wanna know . . .

congratulations fiberjoy!


Laura said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Fiberjoy! :-)

Fiberjoy said...

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Shouting with happiness.
(I never win at drawings.)
To win some of lucious Briar Rose yarn; ymmm, ymm. I can scarcely wait to bury my hands in it.

Jigging with joy

Jean said...

Congratulations Fiberjoy!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Great blow-by-blow action photography Anne!

Linda said...

I agree with all that Jean wrote! Congrats to Chris for birthday (and prize giving!),to Fibrejoy for winning, and to Anne for THE most suspense-filled blog entry!!

Jo said...

Oh Fiberjoy, I'm so pleased! Couldn't have been someone nicer! And you with a new baby granddaughter to celebrate and all! I'm so happy I'm doing a little dance right here in West Cork!
Celtic Memory Yarns
(who is getting on with her own Red Sweater KAL project, honestly)

tigerlilith said...

oooh, lucky fiberjoy!! i so wanted this prize.. i'm totally jealous!! :)
happy birthday chris!!