Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gift knitting? What's that?

Samus is getting close! The body & 1 sleeve are done, and at the bottom of the pic is the cable cuff for the other sleeve. I hear the applied I-cord is a bit tedious & time consuming, but I want to wear this soon. It looks so orange in the pic - it's really a darker red in person.

Is it wrong to be so focused on a sweater for ME, when I should really be working exclusively on Christmas gifts?

Anyone else already behind on those, even though it's not December yet?

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Marie said...

I may be an awful person, but I have only ever knit 1 gift for someone. It was for my mom after she went through some serious surgery. I am selfish with my knitting. Oh I forgot I did knit a pair of sock for hubby about 5 years ago. I think I may not knit for other people because not many really appreciate the work, love and time that goes into the item.