Thursday, November 09, 2006

Red Sweater!

Hi all! I'm already done with my red sweater but I did get an early start. My sweater was already going strong before this KAL. Journey with her - Katariina - was not always enjoyable, she was twined knit and that method slows stitches some and it seems to me I knit this nonstop for almost two months... But she has now a life of her own and some own journeys to make and I get to focus on something else.
If you want to see more pictures of her, there are more in
Enjoy your red sweaters!

(PS. I'm a bit late to post this, but I had some difficulties to load picture earlier.)


prairiegirl said...

What a beautiful sweater!!!!!!

Laura said...

It's gorgeous!

Jean said...

Absolutely stunning! I LOVE the embroidery!

Linda said...

Beautiful! I love the embroidery on the sleeves and back neck :-)

Marianne said...

You know how much I love Katariina, she stands out like a male cardinal on a snowy day, just so beautiful.