Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Waiting for Santa to bring my red yarn!

I read through the posts this week, and when I saw K post this pattern as one of her choices - amongst a few others - I knew I had found the sweater I wanted to knit! It is Bristow at ISSUEwinter05/PATTbristow.html Sorry, but I could not make the link work. I have probably looked at this sweater before, but somehow when sweaters are sorted out from the crowd, they really call to me.

Here is another red sweater Cropped Cabled Cardigan at , known as C3 that is a beauty. I am liking cropped sweaters more and more.

Now Santa is off to the LYS in the next few days to pick the red by Debbie Bliss in Cashmerino Aran. I also joined the Debbie Bliss KAL - that will fill the needs of two KALs at once. Maybe getting older is not too bad - you try to save your back and hands by working smarter! Doesn't always work, believe me, but I think this is clever - no more snickering in the background.

Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours in the USA!


Jo said...

O Peg, O Peg, did you have to mention those patterns from Knitter's? Especially the cropped cable? I mustn't. I've just sorted my Red Sweater KAL out YET AGAIN. I must not allow myself to be sidetracked. I must not allow myself....

Jo said...

Sorry, I meant to say Have just looked at it, despite my best intentions. Of course I love it and want to start it right away... I agree, Peg, I too am liking cropped cardis more and more. The shape is just so now, so much fun. Let's start a cropped cardi KAL next!
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K said...

mmmmmmm. I have had my eye on C3 for a while. That's a gorgeous sweater! Either one would be very nice in the DB, but I am happy to have folks blaze the trail for me with Bristow. LOL!