Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Couldn't find yarn I liked, so I ordered some fiber to spin!

Here's a picture of the red blended fiber I've ordered at my LYS, Weavingworks in Seattle. It's a multicolored 64 merino wool top. The color I've chosen is: Mojave. The predominat color is red, with greens and I believe a burgundy/black as well. I think I've ordered enough to spin into a worsted weight yarn to make a sweater. If not I can always get more and blend it in with what I've got. I just took a drop spindle class and I'm hooked! I think I'll get a spinning wheel by the spring. I just have to find the model I like the best.


Chris said...

From the very small picture you posted, your fiber for spinning looks very mcuh like my yarns! A little olive, a little plum, a little orange..........cool!

Chris said...
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