Monday, November 27, 2006

Getting That Yarn Ready For A Lucky Winner!

I suddenly bethought myself today that December 1 wasn't too far away - Friday in fact. And that's the day one lucky member of the Red Sweater KAL gets to win a big skein of unique Celtic Memory hand-plied composed designer yarn.

I create these special yarns every month or so, reflecting in different ways the Irish countryside, Celtic festivals, legends and stories. The next one will be Midwinter, celebrating the great ancient festival when the sun finally turns back towards the dark and chilly North and brings promise of springtime to come. I'll have that one on eBay around the beginning of next week. But first comes the prize for the Red Sweater KAL and in honour of all you who have spent your spare time, your evenings, working late into the wee small hours, on your bright projects, I am creating Red Branch (K)Nights. This not only praises your efforts but also remembers those doughty warriors of ancient Ireland, who feasted in a mead hall with a branched tree outside the heavy oaken door. This tree was hung with bells, and whenever the bells rang, the warriors knew that a challenge was at hand and rushed out to defend their king, their land, their honour, and anything else they felt like defending.

Just the kind of lads you'd like to have around for a hen night really. And this composed yarn will be as lively and bright and dramatic as anything that the ladies of those ancient times would have trailed provocatively behind them as they made an entrance down the stone staircase.

And so, in the way I usually begin to plan a new composed yarn, I spread a clean bath sheet on the floor of my stash room and started to pull out all the cones and balls and bundles that seemed to reflect what I wanted for a special creation like this. The stash is a pretty enormous one by this time, built up over many years and many wanderings in different countries, but it's still not enough. Is it ever?

It will take until Friday and many swearings, going back and forth, lifting down mighty boxes and containers, pulling cones out, putting them back, searching hither, thither and yon for one elusive one that I knew I had somewhere, before I'm half satisfied. But in the end it will be a skein like you've never seen before.

Red Branch (K)Nights. Hope you win it!

Celtic Memory Yarns


Peg said...

Oh, Jo, I certainly hope I am lucky and win the yarn you are designing. Not the type of lads to have at a hen party, but oh back when we were young, those were the sort of lads we loved and our mothers pulled their hair out over.
Keep the craft room door closed, as this looks like a bit of heaven for Muffy, the yarnslayer. She might like to lay under the table of the knights!!

Rubys & Purls said...

I can't wait to see the final yarn! It sounds so exciting! I sure hope I win!