Sunday, November 26, 2006

Progress on Samus

I've been whaling through the body, and am almost done! I did the right front (on the left of the pic) as the pattern is written, then did the left front with a V-neck, to compare. I also added a bit of shaping on the back neck, so it wouldn't ride up too high. I think I like the V-neck, but despite constant measuring, both armholes are too deep. So, off to fix that, then start on a sleeve!

Anyone else knitted this pattern?


prairiegirl said...

I am just starting it! I've done the first 32 rows of cable and that's it so far. I had to frog it back so many times (was really tired the night I started it and kept screwing up!) and haven't had the chance to get back to it yet! I like the way you did the V-neck! I had actually been considering doing the same! I agree, the armholes do look a little low. Is it really a problem though? I'd hate to rework that much!

Marie said...

I want to make that one. I am abitious though, I want to spin my own yarn for this sweater. After the last 2 sweaters I have done the cabling on this sweater will be a breeze