Sunday, November 19, 2006

Advice, please

I picked up all 192 sts along the band, and there are a few little sections that look wonky, like this. It's a bit more noticeable in person. Will these even out in blocking if I work on them? I saw it happening as I picked them up, and re-did some, but couldn't seem to find a better way.


Jean said...

I see the wonkiness of which you speak but mostly I'm blown away by how great everything else looks! The cables are stunning. The ribbing is lovely and even. The picked up band isn't puckering in the slightest.

It's really a matter of deciding which is going to annoy you more: A. ripping back to fix it or B. living with it the way it is?

If it were me, I'd be so proud of how great everything else looks, I'd be content to write off minor wonkiness as evidence of a hand-made sweater. But that's me. It's most important that you be happy with your creation.

Lyn said...

Thanks, Jean, for your nice comments. I did decide to leave it as is - I showed it to my son, and he couldn't figure out what I was talking about, so I figure, who's going to notice?