Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sonoma Reds

Chris of Briar Rose sent this lucious red yarn from her Sonoma colorway which arrived yesterday. I wanted to blog last night but our connection was slug slow (perhaps due to torrential rains and winds?).

I love the feel and the rich colors of this yarn. Since ithis will be my first sweater the pattern is a simple one with raglan sleeves, using the US9/5.5mm circulars Ed made for me. Swatching in preparation this afternoon.


Jean said...

Oh man...what a SCORE! The yarn looks delish.

Lynn said...

So casually, she says "on the needles that [my beloved] made for me".

Some men show their love by taking out the garbage, or switching out the alternator. Others do it by fetching things off high shelves and bleeding the water heater.

Ed, however, is the "pizza de resistance" - he makes you knitting needles!

I am *so* coveting my neighbor's husband's talents, if not said husband proper, LOL.