Saturday, November 11, 2006

slowed progress

i haven't had much chance to knit in the second half of this week. i had been going great guns on my red sweater, but had to focus more on putting some overtime into my job the last few days. so all i have done since wednesday is this

and that was done late last night while i talked on the phone for about an hour. hopefully this weekend will offer a few hours of knit time (though i still do have a ton of work to do before monday—oy!). i would love to finish this sweater before thanksgiving.

when i work so much, i still try to end the day with at least an hour of knitting, but usually turn to my comfort project of the moment—a cashmere shawl i have been knitting for my husband. the soft yarn really soothes my tired hands and wrists after a long day at the computer keyboard.
this red malabrigo probably would too, if i gave it a chance, but somehow, sweater knitting doesn't feel as comforting as shawl knitting . . .

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