Saturday, October 14, 2006

A question for the masses

I was sitting here thinking about sweater patterns and lamenting the loss of little miss' hoodie and then I had a thought. Would the lovely members of the Red Sweater KAL allow me to make a red hoodie for little miss in a large enough size to fully encompass her girth and then some and have that count as a red sweater even though it is not for me? I thought I would post the question to the group and if the consensus is that it would not count I will continue to look for a pattern for either myself or my mom. Either way I am rather excited to use some red. Technically I have some in Deb's brick colorway but I am being stingy and saving that for me. Besides, I don't have enough of it for an actual sweater. Looks like I'll have to purchase some more yarn. Darn! :)


anne said...

it most definitely does NOT have to be for you erica! it just has to be red, and a sweater. it could be for the kid's doll even!

Laura said...

Ditto what Anne said. :-)