Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The prizes accumulate!

We now have five wonderful, generous knitters giving away knitterly things for this KAL. Huge thanks go out to Chris, Deb, Lynn, Erica, and Jo. Make sure you check out the sidebar to see what they'll be giving away, and when.

Jo has a marvelous story to go along with the yarn she will be making to give away:
Anne, I'll go for December 1 because that's the date I start decorating my house to death with festive greenery (and reddery) for the holiday season, so it's a real red-letter day for me.

Red Branch Kni(gh)ts will be a one-off skein of my composed designer yarn, specially created for this KAL—as well as wordplaying on Red and Knits it will commemorate one of Ireland's ancient legends, that of the Red Branch Knights, a band of warriors who drank and feasted and laughed and loved and fought quite a bit. Outside the door of their feasting hall was a tall branch with bells on it which shook whenever enemies were close by, whereupon the knights came pouring out to do battle.

A bit like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table but more red-blooded really, since Arthur & Co. believed in courtly love (where you put your goddess on a pedestal and admired her from afar) and the RBK were more inclined to throw her over the saddlebow and carry her off to a sheepskin rug by a warm fire...

The yarn will have everything from ribbon to glitter, handspun to homespun, eyelash to mohair, in reds of course but also golds, emeralds, and all the colours that evoke the glamour of a bygone age. 100g, c. 160 metres, it will make a scarf or small shawl that stops even winter traffic.

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Jean said...

I've never heard of the Red Branch Knights before but sounds like a colorful (tee hee) legend. I've just told my screenwriter hubby about the RBK as a movie idea.

Oh, and I'd totally pilage and plunder for the RBK yarn!