Sunday, October 29, 2006

on the needles!

design done, pattern printed, and charts copied.
finally i am off to the races with this luxurious red yarn—mmmm. it will have a cabled band at the hem, cables up the side seams and raglan seams, and around the neck. everywhere else—simply stockinette. the perfect foil for all that deep texture.

the cable is the totem cable from the vogue stitchionary 2; part of one of the combination cables that i separated out for use on its own.

i am employing annie modisett's technique for cabling on the needles, but i'm not sure i like the way they look yet; some of the stitches look stretched and some look tight. hence i find myself switching back to using the third stick for the cables, which actually seems equally fast, so i may continue with that, since the stitches look more even to me when i use it.

it's nice to be working on size 8 needles with big yarn! the cabled hem is knit on a smaller needle which is a bit hard on the hands—still, not as agonizing as jo's hem, and well worth it.

but that's not saying i am not looking forward to the stockinette . . .

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Laura said...

Size 8 needles. They must feel huge compared with some you've worked with lately. You'll have your sweater done in no time at all!