Monday, October 16, 2006


Look at all the members we have! It's fabulous. And wonderful people are submitting prizes to give away. So far I have three generous offers in the sidebar, from Jo, Lynn, and Deb. You're all terrific! Thank you so much for your offers to contribute prizes.

Jo, we need to know when your red letter day is. :-)

Anne, I hope you ended up with some time this weekend for knitting up your shawl and man lace, and for getting your red sweater mojo back.

Me? I knit furiously on my Mountain Peaks shawl over the weekend so that I can start something new soon. I only have 4 or 5 edging repeats left to knit before I'm free to start swatching for my red sweater. I have my Green Gables pattern out. Hopefully the red yarn I have will work for it. That remains to be seen. I shant swatch for it until I get this shawl done. I know how I am. I want to finish the shawl and I'm afraid that if I stop now to swatch something new that I won't get back to it for ages. Eons even. That simply won't do.

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