Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eeeek! There's a FROG in my house!

So there I am, happily knitting and feeling pretty good about the pattern I’d written for myself. Until it begins to dawn on me that I’ve actually made something of a miscalculation. Grrrr. But I bear up, re-calculate and assess the effect of the error so far. I decide (foolishly, in retrospect) that I can fix it without tearing back. So I barrel on. And on. I go on far enough, in fact, to the point where there is just no denying that I’m actually exacerbating the problem. Hence the frogging.
I’m not giving up mind you. I’ve got the acceptable early bit back on the needles and I’m initializing the do-over sequence.

Thank you, Red Sweater KAL. If not for you I might think maybe this yarn wants to be something else. But that would be wrong. Because the fault, dear Brutus, is not in the yarn, but in myself.

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HeatherKnits said...

Oh No! I have been frogging more and more lately, but it's worth it when the yarn finally turns into its destined finished object.