Saturday, October 28, 2006

i'm red-faced

nuthin' like going off to the wool show and then disappearing for over a week, eh?
not that i'm caught up yet since returning home, but at least no one is in the office today, and my time is more my own.

i have a luscious batch of malabrigo merino that i had slated for a turtleneck as my first red sweater. it is so beautifully cushy that i was determined to find the right pattern for it.

i wanted something simple (since it is a fairly large-gauge yarn), but with some fab cable extravagence.

i swatched and swatched. i had been thinking that a large cable along the raglan seams against a field of a small knit-purl pattern would be great. however, the texture-on-texture thing just would not work out. i couldn't find the right scale in the (numerous) stitches i tried.

so guess what? i tried stockinette, and that was the winner—who knew? looks like it is going to be a big fab cable on top of stockinette. the hem and turtleneck will be cabled, as well as the sideseams and raglan seams. plenty going on—the stockinette will be a rest, not a bore.


Laura said...

That red yarn is stunning. And I love your ideas for the sweater. Cables. Yum!

Erica said...

What flavor of Malabrigo are you using? I broke down and ordered some Sealing Wax for little miss' hoodie and am hoping that I like the color when I actually see it once it arrives. It was between that and Geranio. As for your sweater... It would seem that anything you touch that is at all fibery turns to gold - I can't wait to see your sweater!