Tuesday, October 31, 2006

big gauge highly recommended

wow, knitting with my sweater yarn is WAY different than knitting lace! i mean, the sheer number of inches i can add in one evening is blowing my mind—thanks to size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn. it's not better than lace knitting; just different, and i am appreciating it!

here's the latest progress shot

here the cable looks like it is going up the middle, but it's not—that's the side seam. Want to see a closeup of the totem cable?

cables look SO soft and cushy in this yarn. i like how fast this project is moving, but i have to say that it is not my favorite weight of sweater. one of these is enough, i think. i really prefer a DK or fingering weight yarn for bith working on and for wearing. i'd rather have two lightweight sweaters on than one heavy one. but this is a great piece to use as outerwear—how cheerful will this look with a snowy background?


Erica said...

Seriously. I just get my Sealing Wax today and you're already that far on your sweater? Then again, am I surprised? No. At least I get to see what mine will look like all knit up! :)

Laura said...

That is gorgeous, gf! I *love* that totem cable. Very cool. And the colors. Yum!

Jean said...

Awesome cables! And the color variation is just gorgeous. You were right about the stockinette - it really shows off the yarn.

Deb for Fearless Fibers said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the side-seam cable! A cable or even a band of ribbing on a side-seam is such a great slimming trick. Of course, you sure don't need to worry about that ... but some of us think about such things :)

Gorgeous color. Gorgeous cables. Yum!

HeatherKnits said...

Love it. The cables. The yarn. Fabulous.