Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now I Am Ready!

This is the beautiful viscose yarn that Jo sent to me and now it is all balled up and ready to go. I am afraid the photo does not do the yarn justice. It is a beautiful rich red with copper and blue/mauve running through it.

I had a few patterns in mind, but every once in a while, I dig out some of my knitting books and take them to look at in bed - lo and behold, this is the pattern I am going to knit. I have a nice sleeveless black dress that it will be perfect over for the holiday season. Also, it would look great with a camisole and black skirt or trousers. I do have three projects on the go just now and one is almost complete, so when it is, the Red Sweater is next on the needles! The pattern is in "Knit It Your Way" by Cynthia Yanok Wise. The nice part of the book is that new it cost $46.99 and I got it at a second hand bookstore for $14.49!

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Laura said...

The yarn, the pattern: stunning!