Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm WORKING on it, OK?

Really, I do want to get further into this KAL. I cast on the stitches for the body of the Alice Starmore Eriskay - oh, days ago. It's just that it takes so lo-o-o-ng to get around even one row. 290 stitches is kind of daunting when you're working with US size 1 needles and very very fine cashmere yarn.

I managed another whole row today while having coffee in Killarney (you can read about all that on my weblog) and maybe by the end of next week I'll actually be able to see that I am knitting the rib of a sweater and not just playing silly beggars with a length of thin wire.

Look, if the Yarn Harlot can make such a stunning shawl under such pressure, then I. CAN. FINISH. THIS. SWEATER. can't i?

Celtic Memory Yarns


Jean said...

You can do it, Jo! And to encourage you, I'm going to quote Lady Yarn Harlot:

"The only skill necessary for a simple sweater is satmina, and if you've knit a garter-stitch scarf, you have that already."
-from Knitting Rules!

Scarves aside, that you've already cast on the 290 (!!?!?) stitches proves you have stamina.

Erica said...

I have faith in you Jo! Besides, my project isn't even full-sized and you'll probably finish yours first! :)