Thursday, October 12, 2006

not just another Red Sweater . . .

well here we are—the Red Sweater KAL!
of course, i am NOT ready to begin a red sweat just yet, but i plan to start next week, on a turtleneck in malabrigo. til then, i thought it would be fun to point out some RED SWEATER trivia.

the first thing i found is a link to Mister Rogers’ Red Sweater, knit by his mother, which resides at the Smithsonian. go take a look and read about this american icon.

alright now, i promised some good buttons and now i need to go make some!


Dee said...

well Anne, I suppose I'll have to accept this challenge; althugh I'm incredibly busy with other projects....but. You see I have this wonderful Debbie Bliss Mayan 'red' wool. No pattern however, and the idea of making one up is beyond me, so I suppose that's my first problem! Great, ao glad I love your blog! What am I going to do?

Lynn said...

I *loved* Mr. Rogers. What a dear, kind, funny, talented man. I miss him so much, as do my girls who grew up watching him.