Friday, October 13, 2006

Alice Starmore, You're In For It This Time!

Oh what the heck, I needed a few more knit projects in my life (or should that be projects in my knitting life?) I saw this stunning jacket in Alice Starmore - hang on a moment and I'll go get the book from the library. Wait, I won't be a second.

Sorry, my camera refused to function on the one in the book so I had to borrow one from the Net. Hope nobody minds, but just in case, THIS ISN'T MINE, I DIDN'T DESIGN OR KNIT IT, SOME OTHER FAR CLEVERER PERSON DID. Ok?

It's an extremely ornately patterned gansey from that lovely Hebridean island which gave us the Eriskay Love Lilt ('Bheir me o, horo van o Bheir me o, horo van ee...'). Really must go over there sometime - no excuse except a long drive, a ferry crossing, another long drive, two more ferry crossings... what am I, a wimp?

Anyway, I'm totally into this knitting a red sweater thing and hugs to you two for suggesting it. There is nothing like a good blazing splash of sweater colour to cheer up the gloomiest winter day. Come on everybody else, join in! If I can battle with Starmore's amazing inventions, you can get going too.

Yarn? Ah well yes, I have this cone of just the right red in cashmere. No, stop snarfling, it's a very fine cashmere and I had always thought I'd have to use it quadrupled, but with Starmore I suspect it may be doubled and no more. That girl loves fine yarns (and lots and lots of stitches too, alas...)

Can somebody tell me how to put the right button on my weblog? Or do I just put the title of the KAL in my sidebar? Still a blushing novitiate in the nunnery in so many things (although definitely a shameless trollop in the yarn hunting field).

This is really going to cheer up the months ahead. WAIT A MINUTE! How long do I have? Is this happy knitting along or is it a frenzied rush to the finish line? No fair if Anne is doing one on size 15 needles and chunky wool doubled!

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Laura said...

That Starmore sweater is stunning! Just the thing to brighten your winter.

anne said...

you have plenty of time jo—we are not rushing anyone as far as i know. (ps: as soon as i read the first line of your post, i knew it was you!)

Erica said...

What a beautiful sweater! Incidently I still can't find your ebay store, but then again, I don't usually search ebay that often.