Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh All My Friends Be Warned By Me...

...And never trust a Pekingee..

The red sweater project received something of a setback last night chez Celtic Memory. This classically austere setting is not the place to rehearse the lurid details but if you check my latest weblog posting you'll find enough horror and gruesome pictures to set each fretted hair on end and freeze the very marrow in your knitterly bones!

The down, but not defeated
Celtic Memory Yarns


Laura said...

I saw your photos. I was stunned into silence.

Lucky am I to have a quiet cat who is content to play with things that I consider good kitty toys, and not my precious knitting.

Kathy said...

OH NO! My 6 year old said it looked like blood everywhere. My husband said it's time to shave the dog and make yarn out of it's fur. All I could say is "it's cashmere, it's cashmere..."

My condolences.

Jean said...

The horror, the horror! I have chills.

Muffy is awfully cute, though.