Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm Swatching

My scheduled trip to the yarn pusher, I mean, store was delayed by a flat tire. But I got there eventually and was successful on my quest for lovely red yarn.

First, I checked the sale section. I saw some yummy, red FDC Country Cashmere at half price. I was tempted, boy howdy, was I tempted. But I wasn't there for bulky and I moved on.

However, if anyone is interested in discounted Country Cashmere, check this out.

My ultimate selection was a bit of a splurge, but I do love it.

And at the risk of tempting fate for a repeat of Jo's Muffy incident, I couldn't resist taking this picture:

That's Sadie. Red is her best color.


Laura said...

Sadie is a doll! What a sweet doggie. And she looks divine in red. ;-)

Jo said...

Yeah, obviously Sadie is a lady and wouldn't dream of indulging in anything so outrageous as my own Muffy... Seriously, do you trust her that much? The yarn looks so gorgeous, I can't wait to see the next stage. Still haven't even cast on for mine - the Muffy trauma is taking longer than I expected to dissapate...


Jean said...

Hi Laura & Jo! Thank you for the compliments for Sadie. She is very sweet but I wouldn’t leave her alone with the yarn. I wasn’t worried for this pic though, because she’d just had a play-date with a buddy of hers who’s 3 years younger and 30lbs heavier. She was too exhausted to take up knitting like Muffy.