Saturday, December 16, 2006

today is a RED LETTER day—times two!

good morning and a happy red letter day to everyone!
today erica has offered two lovely prizes to the KAL. the first batch of sock yarn, key chain, stitch markers, and a mini-sock pattern goes to

congratulations to chris of briar rose fibers!
and the second prize of sock yarn and stitch markers goes to

congratulations peg! i think it's great that both of today's winner's happen to be members who also gave prizes for the KAL in the last couple of months—it's nice to be able to celebrate them this way.

these giveaways have been really fun and a nice touch to the KAL. we are always happy to accept prize offerings from any member; simply contact anne or laura that you have something to offer. our next giveaway is scheduled for february 14th!

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