Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm back. And this time, fingers crossed, I think I've really got it sussed!

I promise, I've put Starmore firmly back on the shelf in the knitting section of the library and I'm not going to look at her again for quite a long time. You know how it is when you meet another strong character - one of you has to give. I don't want to give, so I've left the building for the time being. Another time, Starmore, I'll be back, never fear. Don't stride that Stornoway shoreline of yours too confidently...!

IN THE MEANTIME, life has taken a better turn. I found that lovely cone of rescue Scottish lambswool (yes, Scottish again, but surely not from Stornoway?), skeined it up to triple strength and cast on for the lovely Elsebeth Lavold Celtic Vest.

That's the ideal, and here's the story so far, on the back. This, as you may be able to see, is rather charmingly split to start with, having cables up either side of the split, until they join as one of Lavold's iconic stand-alone motifs takes shape.

You probably can't see any detail at all from this and I'm sorry. I'll get the expert to photograph it at the next stage. But what I'm so excited about is that it's working smoothly and beautifully (although you do have to keep the sharpest of magnifying glasses on Lavold's pattern, not to miss the subtle lifted increases here and there - did miss one set, and had to do some nifty work on the following row to adjust - couldn't bear to frog). Overall, though, it's moving along happily and cooperatively. Couldn't be more different to the Starmore Eriskay in the cashmere. One of those personality clashes, I guess. Ah well, experience is what you gain when you're looking for something else, as Oscar Wilde said.


Peg said...

Love the vest and perhaps you can rename it, Jo.
I will probably be the gal who finally finishes a red sweater in about 2008! Oh well, never too late. I love Oscar's saying and it is, in fact, on a piece of paper over the computer.
At least there is no 'sleeve island' with a vest!

Susan said...

Beautiful vest with a gorgeous color! I can't wait to see more.

Wish I had that pattern. I have the two Viking books. Is it in any of those or just that issue of Knitters?

Lyn said...

I saw that pic on your blog awhile back, and liked it so much that I ordered the mag off ebay!
Yours looks great so far!

vanessa said...

i love that vest!

Earin Marybird said...

Wow, love that pattern. I'm still trying to decide which to use and this one is now at the top. Where can I buy it? Just beautiful work. Good job!

K said...

That vest is gorgeous! Good choice and looks like a great relief from Eriskay! LOL