Thursday, December 14, 2006

Photo Finish

Here is a picture of my finished sweater.

I used the V-Necked Top Down Pullover pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple with Elann Sierra Aran in Sangria colorway. Modifications include adding my own waist shaping and using a garter stitch cuff instead of a k1p1 cuff. I also changed the neck ribbing from K1p1 to K2p2.

I am wearing it to work today and it is wonderful. My garter stitch ridge at the bottom is not flipping up and I didn't do anything special to it while blocking. Maybe I just got lucky.

This thing is sooo warm!

My next sweater is brown, but the one after that will be red with stranded colorwork. See ya'll later on down the line. I will keep dropping in to see updates, though.



Jan said...

Your sweater turned out great! You would never know that you were worried about the garter stitch flipping up. Very nice!

Chris said...

Very, VERY nice!!! I like the length too!