Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On hold

My red sweater has been put on hold. I am heading home for the holidays in just two days, and my suitcase space for knitting projects will be taken up by gifts that must be finished. At least once I give away the gifts, I will have room for a few yarn purchases from Newfoundland!

I have managed to finish, block, and assemble the back and two fronts of my red cardigan and knit the button bands and collar- All that's left to knit is the sleeves. It's looking a little too big for me, but I'll re-evaluate once it has sleeves so that I can try it on properly. I would be okay with making this one a birthday gift for someone special if it does turn out too big, and chalking it up to a learning experience in the design department. Next time I'll get some help with measuring myself more accurately and try for less ease. Oh well, I'll have a red pullover in the works for myself soon.

I have promised hubby a birthday sweater in February, but there is no way on earth that he would ever wear red, or anything particularly textured or interesting for that matter. So I have resigned myself to miles of brown or grey stockinette. I may have to find another knit along for moral support on that one!

My prize of designer Red Branch (K)Nights yarn arrived from Jo yesterday, and it is simply lovely. I think I will make a length-wise scarf out of it, but it may be some time before I get to it. Thank you Jo for this unique skein.

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