Friday, December 22, 2006

Next Try

After deciding that Mrs CB's Camp Jacket will have to move to another yarn, I have just cast on with my red yarn again. This time I am trying for Park from NoroKnits by Jane Ellison. The first thing I did was change. I did cast on the back and the fronts together, because I dislike keeping track of the rows in stockinette stitch. Then I read with disbelief that you just start knitting. Sorry? That is so going to curl. Not what I want, so my Park starts with 4 rows of moss stitch. I changed the pattern for the zipper blends from garter to moss stitch too. But now I am off to some lovely stockinette stitch (40 cms of it with 219 stitches each row). Pictures when there is more than just 10 rows.


Chris said...

Sounds like your Christmas knitting is done??? Lucky you! Enjoy your hoildays with relaxing times of knitting while others are just CRAZY!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the traveling cables cardigan. The Celtic vest is lovely too. I am the "blogger from the comments section".......ask beta-blogger why!
I did finish my Red Sweater. You can see pictures on my blog. Just click on my name and when you get to the post. Click on the link to the pictures. Sorry but blogger has an issue with me rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr