Sunday, December 10, 2006

Celtic Vest is looking beautiful!

I've been having quite a good time with this wonderful Celtic Vest from Elsebeth Lavold. After the contretemps with the Alice Starmore Eriskay, it was such a relief to start work on something which was calmly and sensibly explained, had clear instructions, and didn't expect me to have a degree in advanced mathematics to suss it out. Plus the poppy-red lambswool behaved beautifully (I had worried that plying it by three might lead to splitting and loose loops, but no, it went along with everything as if born to three times the thickness) and all currently goes merry as a marriage bell.

Look, look, I've created my very first Lavold motif, and it's a double one to boot! Can you see it? Do you want a closer look?

It was really not difficult at all, despite my initial fears. You do have to keep the sharpest of eyes on the chart, though, so as not to miss those deceptively tiny little increases and decreases which allow you the additional stitches to make the motif. But I've managed to join up the two pieces of the back above the central slit (which I love) and now it's hey and away with a helluva lot of reversed stocking stitch, with only the two central cable twists to vary the monotony, until I get to the armholes and another couple of motifs. Still, it's a pleasant pattern to work, that's the best way to describe it, whereas with the Eriskay, the stress levels were way above acceptable level the entire time - whatever Starmore was up to when she designed it, the feelings that come through on the pattern are wholly negative.

Very happy with this vest. Thank you Elsebeth, keep on championing the Viking motifs and let's have lots and lots more. I've ordered another of her books but it isn't here yet. And I'm so thrilled that the 'rescue cone' of dusty, weary old yarn turned out to be such a stunning poppy-red lambswool. Now I just need to find enough time to get ahead with this project, even if it does mean others have to wait.


Peg said...

Beautiful, just beautiful, Jo! Celtic Vest is better than Cul-de-sac! The motif looks wonderful and it definitely needs watching on the chart, I am sure. Keep going, Jo.

Marie said...

I ordered the magazine last week that has this pattern in it. Can't wait to get started on it

Kucki said...

This is such a lovely pattern. I have it on my someday list as well and seeing yours makes me want to cast on right now instead of someday.

Laura said...

It's gorgeous, Jo! I'm so glad that you finally have a red sweater on the needles that's working out for you. :-)