Saturday, December 16, 2006

Round by round... red sweater is slowly taking shape. (I should be like Anne and name all my projects. But, my mind draws blanks at clever, fitting names.)

Sorry about the terrible coloring/lighting. Somedays our eight year old digital camera doesn't want to cooperate. (I'm will not admit to incompetence.)With everything going on these days I manageto knit a couple rounds each day on the body and the sleeve.

The pattern is a basic neck down raglan sleeve to which I've added the vines going down the arms, and the seed stitch at the top. I love the weight and feel of this Briar Rose yarn and am eager to begin wearing it. Which is why I keep working on it when other things are impatiently waiting. With just nine days until Christmas I decided not to stress out anymore about unfinished hopes of knitting some presents. The ideas came too late in the season and I'm too slow of a knitter. Shoot, one pair of socks takes me two weeks.

Hooray to Chris and Peg for capturing the prize drawings today!


Chris said...

I love, love, LOVE, how your sweater is looking!!! yay!!! I wish I could postpone my Christmas knitting and do a red sweater, but someone in my family would be very upset if I gave pieces.......of a project....mmmmmmm can't say what it is.....

HeatherKnits said...

I really like that seed stitch insert. [Filing idea in my head for future projects...]