Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pictures of the Slow-Coming Shrug

Here 'tis (along with a happy fuzzy red purse):

You can see that there's not much done, but there is some done! After all that frogging, at least there is a heart rising on the left corner.

And here is something else red that I am about to rip out:

I made up the pattern for these heart socks back before Valentine's Day, and now I can't find where I wrote it down! Is there ANYONE as scatterbrained as me? Anywhere? (We did have a massive house cleaning, though, and I have a feeling that, to anyone but me, my little test scribblings looked like trash.) Anyhow, I don't like the way that the yarn looks knit up... it's too bumpy? or something.

Hope everyone is having a good time knitting their red sweaters!

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