Monday, March 19, 2007

Jean Frost Jacket

Someone commented that they would like to see pics of the jacket in progress. Sorry that I posted last week without being at home where my camera could record my progress. So today I can do that. Here is the back and both fronts finished. Working now on the sleeves. Hope to finish them this week and will post a completed jacket soon.
The strings on the left front mark button placement. I love the way the buttonholes are worked into this pattern.

Sorry that the picture is dark, the color is Barn Red, using Knit Picks Elegance a blend of Alpaca and Silk, that is truely delicious. It is great on the needles!
Hopefully a finished jacket next week. Any suggestions about buttons? Not sure I want metallic gold. Any thoughts about making the buttons out of yarn?

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Gwenivere said...

Hi: I know you are going to enjoy that beautiful jacket. Question for you: Is this a sweater from the book, Fabric, Fit and Finish for today's knits, published in Feb 2003? I read that this book has alot of errors on practically every pattern. If so, how can I get the corrections to the errors, or is there a more recent book version where the errors have been corrected? Many thanks!!