Friday, March 16, 2007

It doesn't want to be a UFO

I have this lovely red vest, called Chines Red from Folk Vests that I started a while ago. A medium size while ago (2004) when I look at the ages of various UFOs that are hidden around in boxes and bags.

Admittedly, it doesn't look like much in the picture, but it should not take me all that long to get it finished. That is if I can crank up the courage to do it.

While I was deployed, some small flying creatures took up residence in my studio, un-noted by the rest of the family. I came home to find suspicious "munch marks" in yarns, roving and batts.

Would you believe I was not a happy camper?

Industriously, I cleaned up everything. This vest was started in 2004, when I decided to do a number of vests out of this lovely book. And I really like red, so this was one that I didn't change much. Just knitting in one piece to the armholes, I am actually about 10 cm past there. Then my job got in the way for 6 weeks of fun and frolic in Korea. On my return- the m*ths were back and had eaten one ball of yarn for this vest.

I just put it away. And now, without a ball band from the original yarn, I have to figure out which yarn I used and where I put it.

Other option of course is to frog the whole thing, but that seems like a shame. Encouragement is obviously appreciated.

Heidelberg DE


Shannah said...

Oh Holly, my thoughts are with you. SO sorry.

Did you get all the little m***s killed?

Jean said...

Dang those wool eatin' little buggers! Good luck!

Laura said...

I just hate those wool munchers!

I hope you can find the yarn so you don't have to frog your nearly completed vest!

Holly said...

I thought I had all the munchers dead. I really did. I have natural products, I have moth balls. And then there is all the wool that I ran through the freezer and microwave.

But I live in Germany, and we have no screens. And the other four people in the house have a tendency to leave open doors and windows ....

I have killed a couple in the last few days. So everything is back baged up and in plastic.