Thursday, March 15, 2007

Frogged, But Beginning Again

I started the red shrug for my pregnant friend Abby several weeks ago, after a vision of her cute preggo belly sticking out beneath it spurred me on.

I got halfway through the back, started the pattern for the "random heart" and then realized I had only increased on ONE side instead of BOTH sides. :-( I didn't handle it very well. I'll admit it-- I cussed, I screamed. I threw the sweater down. It took me three days to get the nerve up to frog those rows out (rippit, rippit) and then four days to start knitting on it again.

But I am trying! I am throwing myself back in with zeal. (OK, maybe not zeal, and maybe not actually THROWING, but I am knitting on it between socks...) Send your knitting spirits my way, please, so I can at least get through the back of the darned thing.

Part of the problem here is that Abby isn't due until September, so there's time. But not really. These babies show up FAST. And I want to get started on some blankets and toys and layettes and... well, lots of knitting left to do, right?

This is my first post, since I frustrated myself with the darn thing before I even posted what I am making. I am creating a "Random Heart Shrug" from a pattern that the local yarn store created with red Diakeito Diavoyage (#705). The heart is movable, and, per request, I am putting it on the lower left back.

Thanks for letting me gripe in public... ;-)

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Laura said...

Oh, Shannah, you poor dear!