Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dale of Norway baby sweater

After I stumbled across the KAL red sweater blog June 1, I thought that it would motivate me to begin this new sweater for my granddaughter that I had been procrastinating. While I love stranded color work knitting, I have only knit one or two lace items. Both were quite simple and completed with great difficulty. That was several years ago and I have been avoiding lace ever since. But, time to learn something new!

I have made progress on this baby cardigan, but had to rip out and reknit many rows when my count got off and the pattern became randomly lateral instead of uniformly vertical and horizontal. I am so easily exasperated with this. Luckily, I am making a size 2, and my granddaughter is 2 months old so I should be able to finish it in time… even with all the stops and starts.

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Laura said...

Hang in there, Carolyn. I'm rooting for you!