Monday, June 04, 2007

20 & 21 / 52

Looking back, I thought I had already posted pair 20, but realized that I ran out of time the other day.
Pair 20 -
Is medium weight Fire on the Mountain from STR. Just a simple 4/1 rib over 65 stitches on 2,5 mm needles.
Fire on the Mountain

Pair 21 -
Victorian Lace from the 6 Sox KAL are finished. Since I am not planning on wearing these with sandals, I ended the lace partway down the top of the sock and finished it with 4x4 ribbing.
Knit out of Angel Seawool from Fleece Artist on 2,5 mm needles. Once I memorized the 12 row pattern (which really is many less rows) it went incredibly rapidly.

Since I am out in the field playing Army for the next couple of weeks, it turns out I have lots of knitting time. Rest of the details can be found here.



knitnzu said...

Hi! I found you on google search for 'celtic icon'. You have made some very lovely sweaters! And I love red too. So, can you tell me what 'increase 4' is? Is it k into front of stitch, p in back, k in front, then p in back and k in front again? I'm swatchin'! Thanks!

Holly said...

I think you are looking for the wonderful knitting done by Celtic Memories.
I am the one who screwed by landing a message on the wrong blog when my brain was oatmeal.