Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cast On

I've have cast on my red sweater, it is Isabella. I have completed the first row of eyelets on the back. I am really liking the look of the fabric but have never knit a top on such small needles with such fine yarn. I think it is going to take longer than I first anticipated but am hoping it will be worth it. The photo is that great as I am using straight short needles. I much prefer using circs but couldn't find wood or bamboo ones in the correct size. I have to use wood or bamboo as metal causes bad pain in my fingers.

I chose to turn the picot edge as I knit as I'm not great at sewing and use this method often when knitting socks .


Laura said...

It's looking great so far. I've been thinking about knitting Isabel, too, and would definitely finish the picot hem while knitting rather than waiting until the end and sewing it. Anything I can do to avoid extra sewing is good. LOL

Holly said...

Also for the hem it up front rather than sew in later. Great idea.
Looks really good.