Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dale of Norway baby sweater... finished!

I'm so pleased that I finished this because I usually enjoy stranded knitting and this lace was hard. I had to revert to being a knitting student again complete with ripped out portions, etc.

Now I can concentrate on my favorite kind of knitting. Stranded color work... another Dale of Norway baby sweater for the same grandchild.

You can see that one on my new and under-construction blog.


Sara said...

You did a very nice job on that baby sweater. It is really very pretty.

Laura said...

Congrats on your lace sweater finish. Looks great! :-)

Bong Ginni said...

i love the pattern i want to knit the same for my niece... but i was not able to find the link.... is there a way you can send it to me??
my url is i can send u my email id if needed. thanx