Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red, red, red

I eventually could log to blogger and can post again. As said in my previous post, this time some bright red sweater. The original is yellow (mustard) and taken from a Rebecca magazine. It's knitted 2 years ago in a synthetic fiber, but has a soft smooth touch...I love it. The back is same as front but less deeper. I still have enough of that yarn to knit something else...lucky,lucky.
I didn't intend to post about my big red jacket today, but as I also have issues uploading images (pop-up window gets blocked) as I could get it done, I post everything now.
This jacket is so bright that I had to set my camera very dark to make it appear normal. The original design is from another german magazine: Verena. It used to be blue and using a special astrakan pattern. I used a regular knit pattern, but with 3 yarns held together(bright red, burgundy and a multi-colors). The trims are also using some sort of hairy yarn and knit in a brioche pattern.
I hope next post will be about a summer sweater or tank that I will knit


Holly said...

Great looking sweaters!
Perhaps you can unblock the pop-up stopper by looking under the browser tool menus.
Failing that - you can also just insert links to your photos on your own server.
If you haven't done this before, email me and I can send you some samples. It is what I am now doing rather than uploading twice.

Laura said...

Your sweaters are wonderful!