Sunday, May 06, 2007

First Post and First Sweater

I started my red sweater a couple years ago. Its mostly stocking stitch and I got bored real fast. So it became a lovely UFO. Id spy it hiding in a drawer now and then but never really felt like pickign it up. THen I found this KAL and thought, hey, I can finish that thing. The yarn (Homepsun stuff from Lion Brand) is soft and cozy, so Im looking forward to wearing it!

When I got all the peices out, I discovered I had some how knit two backs. UHG!! I did have one arm pretty much done, though, so I was enthused. I got to work on the other arm. It went pretty fast and it helped alot to read here and see how everyone else was doing.

I finally got the front,back and arms sewn all together only to see that I had made the arms a couple inches too long and the body wasnt long enough! Poop! But, hey, its still lookin ok fer my first sweater :)

I added a few inches of double crochet to the body hem. And after looking at the arms for a bit, I decided I didnt mind them a little long. Cozier that way!

So now Im working on the hood. It calls for circulars but the only size I have was one a little too small. Its taking ages to knit! The stitches are smaller so I have to do more, you know? But it will be fine once Im done. Then I was going to crochet around the front of the hood instead of knit and then make a souped up pocket for the front.

Here she is so far!Thats one of my tooties, Weem, lovin up my sweater. She adores anything knitted!


Holly said...


And you might be the only knitter in the universe who did not take this as an excuse to go any buy another knitting needle!


Laura said...

I was amazed by that, too, Holly. LOL So, Jes, why didn't you just go get another circular needle in the correct size? Oh well... Your sweater is looking fabulous!

Jes said...

Well, I had just indulged and bought a bunch of new wool to spin and it felt like I shouldnt go spending any more. The size isnt too different anyway. But yea...I could use a few moce needles ;o)